Cascading Goals and DMAIC

  • 28 Jun 2018 10:43 AM
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    Our executive team is having every department engage in a "cascading goals" and DMAIC board (which is 48" by 72").  I need to establish a goal that is related to each of our five pillars: Quality (best place to deliver quality patient care), Engagement (best place to work), Population Health (best place to transform care), Finance (best place to reduce the cost of care), and Market Growth (best place to refer patients). I need to have one goal for each of these pillars and write/work on them in the DMAIC format on my huge board.  

    If you use this tool, can you please give me some ideas on what your various goals are on the board and how they relate to the pillars of your organization?  Can you tell me about the composition of the teams you gathered to work on each goal?  How long you may have been doing this and if you have any you have moved to the "control" manual would also be helpful.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  • 29 Jun 2018 12:57 PM
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    We don't participate in that program, but wanted to share with you that in the hospital strategic plan, one of the goals is be a great place to work.   Under that is an objective of "Continue to find new ways to utilize volunteers more effectively."

    First we are very proud that the hospital strategic plan actually mentions volunteers.  Second, this is basically what we do every day, so it is easy to set our own goals and standards to measure the progress we are making.

    Maybe this will get you thinking...






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