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Proposed By Law Changes 2012

  • Thursday, February 23, 2012 1:35 PM
    Message # 833652
  • Thursday, February 23, 2012 2:13 PM
    Reply # 833668 on 833652

    Point of clarification.

    Am I reading this correctly that a volunteer leader does not have to be employed only designated by the hospital?

  • Monday, February 27, 2012 12:35 PM
    Reply # 837163 on 833652
    Susan Grier, By-laws Committee Chair

    These proposed by-law changes would open membership opportunities to non-employed volunteer leaders and gift shop managers if they are designated to full-fill those roles by their hospital's administration.  

    Not all facilities have a paid volunteer leader and/or gift shop manager.  Membership in our organization would extend networking opportunities and support to these individuals who carry out these job functions on a non-paid basis.

  • Monday, February 27, 2012 1:08 PM
    Reply # 837186 on 833652
    Lynne Collier
    I'm in favor, I like the shortened name.
  • Tuesday, February 28, 2012 10:44 AM
    Reply # 838265 on 833652
    Melissa Dufour
    Great work, By-Laws team!
  • Thursday, March 01, 2012 10:01 AM
    Reply # 840817 on 833652
    Frank Hrabe

    In my first career I was involved in the leadership of a regional association much like SDVSHO.  I am not offering any of these thoughts as replacement for the hard work of the bylaws committee, just as ideas of how other associations work and for consideration.

    We too were an association that covered the southeast.  Our states were a little different, rather than Maryland and West Virginia, we included Texas and Oklahoma.  We also required representation on the board from each state.  Where that association differed from SDVSHO is that the elected officers also served as the state rep on the board.  For instance if the President was from Texas, the President was also the Texas rep--and the same for all elective officers.  The only exception was the Past President who served as ex-officio but also chaired the long range planning committee (what better person for planning that the person who just served for two years) and as the Nominations and Elections Chair (would know who really did the work after serving for two years).

    This arrangement helped keep down the size of the board and board expenses.  The travel of the elected officers was covered by the association if their institution would not support them for their term of office.  Appointed members of the board had to cover their own travel.  Every board member served one year except the Treasurer who had a two year term.  Also the President-elect, who served as the coordinator of the annual meeting/conference became the President and in effect served a two year term.

    Each state association nominated (put forward a candidate) for the board.  Who better to know the state leadership talent than a state chapter.  Those states who did not have someone elected to the board had an "at-large" position on the board, which was also a way to groom future elected officers.  The at-large positions were also committee chairs.

    Also to assist the President-elect for the conference, there was a formal call for the membership to submit program ideas based upon the theme the President had selected (theme presented at the end of the previous conference as the President-elect moved up).  There was a program committee that selected the sessions based upon submissions.  States were also asked to nominate "best sessions" from their state meetings.  And there was always a session much like one regarding Joint Commission by our regulating body.

    In order to keep travel costs down and to make sure that the meetings were throughout the region, states were divided into groups and the meeting rotated through the groups.  There was particular attention given to easy drive in locations and for the far reaches, using regional airline hubs to get great flight costs.  It pretty much meant that we met in cities where southwest airlines flew.  I know that is of current value to me.  I flew to Louisville last year for $39 each way, so I was able to pay my airline costs and conference registration fees for the amount it would cost me to fly to Myrtle Beach.

    Again, let me state that I am not suggesting any of these as a better way to do business, just something to think about.

    Regarding the proposed bylaws changes for SDVSHO, while everyone appreciates the hard work and great talent Jamine does as our webmaster and we hope she continues for many years doing all of this for our association, should we 1) allow the person holding that position to be a constant on the board and not have to rotate off, 2) make the webmaster position not a board position and instead pay an honorarium for doing this major task for the association?


  • Thursday, March 08, 2012 10:14 AM
    Reply # 851638 on 833652
    Deleted user

    It is always useful to see how other groups have structured their Bylaws and Board.  As you know, SDVSHO is in its 19th years of existence and I believe the bylaws reflect the desire for our organization to represent all thirteen states in our organization.  Many of the officers either chair or serve on SDVSHO committees in addition to their time commitment to the annual educational conference.  The President-Elect appoints the State Representatives and in doing so, consults with members of the State organizations to find the representative.  Planning for our annual conference is ongoing and the sites for these conferences are planned many years in advance.  Site selection criteria includes accessibility to members and that is why we rotate our conferences around to the different states, trying to have a conference close to each state at some point. This “volunteer” Board is very cognizant of protecting the resources of our organization and is diligent using them as effectively as possible.  We are very appreciative of Jamine’s willingness to serve as a Webmaster and thankful that she is able to provide this service to us in addition to her other duties on the Board.  Thank you for your comments and suggestions.

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