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Staff Education about working with or supervising Volunteers

  • Friday, August 22, 2008 11:50 AM
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    Our system is implementing a stronger customer service focus.  As such, my volunteers are being scrutinized much more closely than before.  I am starting some customer service training for them, but I also feel that there may be some unrealistic expectations on the part of the staff about what a volunteer's performance should be. 

    I'd like to know what resources others can share or point me towards for training staff on working with volunteers.  Specifically, how to encourage them to supervise them with more encouragement than the discipline they might have for a paid employee.


  • Friday, August 22, 2008 3:38 PM
    Reply # 50958 on 50935
    Deleted user

    I have Customer Service training as part of the volunteer orientation.  You can view this information in my Volunteer Handbook which is on my website.  Go to  Once there, click on "Orientation" in the left hand column.  The handbook is the first link on that page.

    I also added a permanent column to my volunteer newsletter dedicated to Customer Service.

    I went to a conference a few years back where I heard Margie Harris speak about staff training.  I purchased her template and create my own staff training manual.  I then meet with every department that accepted volunteers and sat with them to go through the manual.  You can get this template at

    I chose not to have live training sessions, which Margie recommended...and really it would work better if we did it live but we simply do not have the staff or the time to do this. 

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