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Gift Shops During COVID-19

  • Wednesday, June 03, 2020 9:32 AM
    Message # 9012129
    Susan Grier (Administrator)

    What procedures have you put in place for your gifts shops during the pandemic?  We have been closed, but are working on re-opening plans.  Thanks for sharing. 

  • Thursday, June 04, 2020 7:07 AM
    Reply # 9014450 on 9012129
    Deleted user

    We opened our Gift Shop on May 20 when retail was allowed to open in Kentucky.  Before opening we installed plexiglass shields at our registers and put taping on the floor area in front of the registers with 6 foot spacing.  We placed a sanitizing station at the entrance of the shop with a sign asking them to remove any gloves and hand sanitize.  We also determined by our square footage that we could only allow 6 customers and 1 worker in the shop at a time.  We bought some rulers and put red duct tape at the top.  Six rulers were placed in the sanitizing station and customers are asked to take a ruler.  Once all six are gone, customers need to wait until a customer leaves the shop.  We wipe done the rulers and register area after customers leave.  This has worked well.

  • Thursday, June 04, 2020 5:28 PM
    Reply # 9015840 on 9012129
    Sara Camic (Administrator)

    Our Gift Shops have never (completely) closed. We went from 4 operational shops to 2, but they've been open full time through the entire pandemic. One shop has plexiglass, one does not (but has some built in extra space between the customer and cashier). We offer customers hand sanitizer if they want it, and we try to clean surfaces at least once an hour. We only allow 8 people in the shop at once and rarely has that been a problem. Becoming more of one over the last week since visitor restrictions have lifted. There is a sign out front that lists all the changes. Customers are asked to wear masks or leave the shop. We don't have tape on the floor or anything, but the majority of people have been good about self-spacing. We do not take exchanges or returns. Currently all sales are final. Since sales are way down, we are not placing any new merchandise orders for the foreseeable future. We're only ordering food/drinks since that's making up 75/80% of current sales. 

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