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Myrtle Beach Conference discussion

  • Tuesday, May 01, 2012 10:53 AM
    Message # 907540
    Deleted user

    Welcome back from Myrtle Beach!  I am still trying to find my way around all the boxes that arrived when I was away from the stockroom!  I would like to start a discussion about issue that were topics during the different sessions at conference.  Please chime in whether you agree, disagree, attended the conference or didn't.  This is an excellent forum for us to share our knowledge and to help each other.

    One speaker at conference stated that hospital gift shops can't do "trends".  Boy is she wrong!  I think we have to make sure we get the timing right of when we jump on a trend and when we jump off.  I had Webkins in my store two years before they were popular and they were very slow sellers, so I was too early on that trend.  I sold Silly Bands and Balance Bands really well.  I jumped in when they were hot and quit before the trend dried up.  Right now a big fashion trend is scarves.  I've got a large selection of very affordable scarves.  I have the gift shop volunteers wear one which increases the opportunity to discuss the scarves with customers and increases sales.   

    What do you think about hospital gift shops and "trends"?

    I am your SHVL Gift Shop Liaison for this year and I would like for us to be open, active and communicate freely with the group.  Please share your thoughts! -- Gay Davis

  • Wednesday, May 02, 2012 12:29 PM
    Reply # 909186 on 907540
    Kathy Collins
    I agree we have to stay on top of trends.  The only case I can think of where you could ignor trends is if you are that rare hospital gift shop whos customer base is the outside guest.  For example a strickly baby gift shop in a birth center.  For the rest of us relying on our employees for our customer base, we better stay on top of the trends.  Further more we better know our customers and which trends they will follow!

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